A controversial decision made by an Idaho Falls food bank has been reversed recently after an outpouring of conflicting views and feedback this week.

You may have seen the original story, surrounding the coronavirus food assistance boxes. The assistance, passed down by the White House and Donald Trump was distributed by the United States Department of Agriculture.  These packages were required to include a letter from Donald Trump-- in every single box.

In an effort to stay away from politics during an election year in which things just feel so divisive, politically, distributors were given the option to include the letter or not. The food bank said in a social media statement:


The Community Food Basket - Idaho Falls has been serving all of Eastern Idaho for more than 40 years with no political agenda, just the desire to feed those in need. My desire is that the choice to pull the letters viewed as right or wrong, not tarnish the core mission of this agency. To feed those in need without judgment. The addition or removal of this letter has kicked up the very firestorm we were trying to avoid. In an effort to preserve that core mission and goal of supporting an often silent but significant issue of hunger politically unbiased, I will make every effort to redirect the focus to feeding those in need.

I actually respect the MOTIVE behind the move of the food bank. However, I can see why some people thought it might have been politically driven. Certainly, it wasn't--the charity just wanted to be neutral.

Ever since the clap back on social media, the organization has since decided to NOT remove the flyers.
See their statement, HERE.

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