Here in the Treasure Valley, there are many things that make us unique. There is a clear reason why so many folks are moving to our area and it is fair to say that the secret is out--and has been out--for a long time.

In Boise specifically, there are places and sights that locals love, tourists admire, and new residents bask in. If you were to ask a group of random folk what makes downtown Boise so special, nearly all of them will undoubtedly answer: Freak Alley.

Featuring hundreds of paintings and displays from local and regional artists, Freak Alley is one of the most colorful and creative places in town. You would be hard pressed to wander down Freak Alley at any time or during any day of the week and not find some folks admiring the creations.

What happens when a random masked man goes asking local Freak Alley admirers if they want some weed?

Recent video footage proves that Boise residents want nothing to do with the weed! 

Boise Residents React to Masked Man Offering Weed

What do people think about the weeds in Boise? According to this video footage, most have no interest in it.

How would you have responded? Not knowing about the hidden camera lurking around the alley? 

While the mysterious masked man wearing a neon orange vest for safety, obviously, did take some folks by surprise--it's unfortunate that many in the alley thought that he was offering them marijuana--an illegal substance in the State of Idaho.

The man was simply offering them a local weed from grass in Boise.

Get your minds out of the gutter, Boise.

Check out the full video, produced by Treasure Valley Cannabis Company (who used no actual cannabis products in the making of this video), below: 


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