Looking for a new job? Love the outdoors? The good news for you is: The United States Forest Service is hiring one thousand people!

When you think of forest service jobs, or at least when I do, I typically think of fighting forest fires. The open positions that the United States Forest Service is looking to hire for span from all types of work, however. From administrative assistant to cooks, there's a position for everyone. The best part? They're looking to hire quick!

There IS a catch (kind of). Most of the jobs are out of state, so if you've have a desire to move maybe there's something for you. If you want to stick around the area, there are 15 open positions here in Idaho and several of those are right here in the Treasure Valley.

It seems someone is always looking for their next opportunity and lucky for us in this area, growth tends to mean places are always hiring.

If you're interested in apply for these jobs (which pay well by the way), you've got to do so this weekend.

To search for positions and be directed on where and how to apply, click HERE.


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