Earlier in the year, the internet was ruthless with former Boise State head coach Bryan Harsin. Scandal struck the Harsin family who, despite their move to Auburn University, still calls Boise home.

After a disappointing end to their season, former members of the Auburn University football program both anonymously and publicly made critiques of Harsin's "style", many claiming he just isn't a people person. Shortly after this became louder and louder, accusations of Bryan Harsin having an affair with his assistant developed--his wife and children were put through the wringer online as Harsin remained silent.

Auburn University announced they were investigating all of the above and shortly after, announced that they were stick with Bryan Harsin to steer the ship on the football field.

Now, as he restores his public image, Harsin is announcing he has his own podcast and this may offer some insight into the coach that many feel is impossible to really understand.


Could this podcast which is going to offer an inside scoop into the program help Bray Harsin build trust and transparency among some of the toughest fans to please in college football? It's possible.

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