If you're from Idaho I guarantee you remember this video. A serious broadcast which garnered national press for its unique turnout. Two unlikely GOP candidates--Harley Brown and Walt Bayes for Governor of Idaho made headlines, memes, and truly went to the wringer that is the internet less than 24 hours after the event.

Walt Bayes, referred to as "the curmudgeon" in the 2014 GOP debate, has made headlines again this time, for more unfortunate circumstances.

Just yesterday, the Associated Press reported that he was rescued near a wildfire in Northern Idaho and his wife, Virginia Bayes, was found dead. Bayes was flown out and rescued on a helicopter.

Details have not been released where Virginia Bayes' body was found or what information was given to authorities by her husband, Walt. The fire from which he was rescued was about 30 acres in size.

If you don't recall the debate that went viral, you can see it below.

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