Student Loan Forgiveness is all of the craze these days and now, it has a very personal tie to Boise, Idaho.

For the last several years and at least the last few presidential elections, the talk of how to handle the millions and millions of dollars worth of student loan debt in this nation has been a topic of discussion. Many credit the democratic candidate Bernie Sanders for speeding up the talks of student loan "forgiveness" from the executive branch--strategically forgiving student loans for folks based on their income as a helping hand in a difficult economy.

After aggressively adapting student loan forgiveness in his own plans, now President Joe Biden rolled out a plan to forgive thousands in loans for student loan borrowers in America. It didn't take long for Republican challengers to file lawsuits against the administration and say Biden is out of line.

One of those Republicans to say Biden cannot and should not forgive student loans? Idaho's Brad Little.

Just a stones throw away from Brad Little's office sits Boise High School, where a Boise born and raised girl, who later when on to be Miss Idaho, could be taking his argument down in front of the United States Supreme Court.

It's an impressive story--but that Boise High grad and former Miss Idaho is now one of President Joe Biden's top attorneys, labeled 'Solicitor General' at the United States Department of Justice and consistently represents the Biden administration at the Supreme Court.

Her name is Elizabeth Prelogar and today, she's made her way into a lot of headlines--following her argument in front of the nine Supreme Court Justices, critics believe she has unexpectedly turned the tide and single handedly saved Biden's plan to forgive student loans.

In an article written by CNBC just this afternoon, political experts have swayed, instantly, from believing that Biden stood no chance in getting the loan forgiveness approved by the court--to saying that not only does it have a chance but that it is PROBABLE--and they credit Boise-born, Elizabeth Prelogar. In comparing her presentation to those of the challengers--she was called a "starting Quarterback" against "two twiddywinks players".

Boise representing big time.

Learn more about Boise all-star Elizabeth Prelogar, HERE.

Read the latest for yourself, HERE.

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