The trial has not even begun for Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger but four hearings are on the docket in Latah County, Idaho for tomorrow, Tuesday June 27th. All of them are very important for the case and preparation of the upcoming trail set for the fall.

The first of four motions is a big one as the defense is asking for more information on the genealogical DNA process and even information about those that preformed the DNA investigations. We liked the way that a former FBI agent explained this on Twitter--you can see below:




What an important reminder, too-- the DNA found on the knife sheath is indeed Bryan Kohberger's.

The second and third hearings are very closely related: first, the defense wants to know what was presented to the Grand Jury that indicted Kohberger--which many experts believe is fair. A transcript or recording of this hearing would suffice. Next, a much more broad request: the defense wants the entirety of information pertaining to the grand jury--which is a bit of an overreach in the opinion of many legal experts.

Finally, the fourth hearing that Kohberger will be in court for on June 27th is rather bold--the defense team is asking for a stay surrounding information that they claim that they don't have.

At this point in time, Latah County Judge Judge is continuing to allow cameras in court. We will share that footage with you when it becomes available.

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