Before you ask, no.

We aren't cops.

While the good men and women of the Boise Police are out there keeping us safe, we're sitting behind desks in pajama pants and Crocs writing about drugs. Now that that's out of the way...

As of the writing of this article, it's still illegal to possess or use marijuana in the state of Idaho. Heck, they even say so on their official government website:

Marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance under Idaho Law. It is illegal for any person to manufacture, deliver, possess with intent to manufacture or deliver, or possess marijuana, which refers to all parts of the plants of the genus cannabis, including or any preparation of cannabis which contains tetrahydrocannabinol. It is illegal to publically use or be under the influence of marijuana.

So there you go. You can't have weed, you can't smoke weed, and you most certainly can't be under the influence of weed in Idaho.

That is, unless, you know where you can do it. Want to know our secret hiding places to get away with smoking the reefer in Boise? We're about to spill the tea:


Four Places Where You Can Smoke Weed Legally In Boise

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See? No problem! You can absolutely, positively get as high as you want in Boise. As long as you choose to do it in one of the locations listed above.

By the way, we're joking! Don't get caught smoking weed in Idaho. You'll get in trouble, it'll cost you a lot of money, and then you'll have to turn to writing articles online for a living. And that is not how you want to end up. Trust me.

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