Unfortunately some people are addicted to drugs, others are addicted to porn, me I'm addicted to cars. Yes, the line I just wrote is how I justify my addiction to cars. I know it's kind of dramatic but the joy that I get from driving a certain car is inexplicable. I drive cars depending on my mood, sometimes it's a convertible day, other days I want to feel the vibrations of a huge V8 and once or twice a week I NEED to rev the engine in my Japanese domestic market RX7 to 8700 rpm's. It doesn't matter which mood I'm in all of my car driving experiences are better when my the vehicle is crisp and clean which is why I go to J's hand car wash on Chinden in Garden City, they always do a great job and now they're doing something even greater. J's hand car wash is giving front line workers a free car wash. Show up, present your work ID and you get a free wash.

Another local business giving back to the community. Salute to J's Hand Car Wash and to all of out front line workers.

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