Idaho is blessed with so many opportunities at outdoor adventures. Hunting, biking, hiking and a bunch of other great activities are popular however fishing is definitely an Idaho thing. I say this because it's impossible to get through any dating profile without coming across a pic of someone holding a fish. Free fishing day in Idaho is June 12th. This is the day where you're allowed to fish anywhere in Idaho without a license.

"In the month leading up to Free Fishing Day, Fish and Game hatcheries stocked about 400,000 catchable rainbow trout in waters throughout the state," Fish and Game Hatchery Manager Bryan Grant said in a ktvb interview.

If you've never been fishing in your life and you want to take a shot at it, this is the day to make it happen. The good news is that the starter gear is affordable and will only run you about $25. Idaho Fish and game has some useful tips below:

Fishing Supplies You'll Need

  • Pliers for retrieving hooks out of your fish.
  • Stringer or bucket of water to keep your fish cold and fresh.
  • A knife to clean your fish.
  • A ruler to measure your fish.
  • Fingernail clippers for clipping line.
  • Cooler with ice to keep fish cold when transporting.

As far as an actual fishing rod here is what IDFG recommends "For fishing from the shoreline, we recommend starting with a simple 5 to 6 foot rod and reel combination with four to eight pound monofilament fishing line. A closed-faced reel with a thumb button to release and stop the line is easy to use and this simple hook, weight and bobber setup is ideal for a beginner."

You've got the gear, you're all set and with a little beginners luck you end up hooking a fish, you're adrenaline is pumping, you pull the fish out of the water and celebrate. What happens next? Here is some wisdom from IDFG:  

  • Catch and Keep: Make sure your fish stays cool from the moment you take it off your hook. Clean your fish the day you catch it. Eat it within a couple days or freeze your fish to ensure freshness. Tip: Freeze cleaned fish in Ziploc bags filled with water to avoid freezer burn.
  • Catch and Release: Land the fish quickly and leave it in the water. With wet hands gently hold the trout and remove the hook from the jaw or if the hook was swallowed cut the line as close to the hook as possible - the hook will dissolve in a few weeks. Barbless hooks are recommended.

Get the right gear and be prepared to have fun on your first free fishing day in Idaho.

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