It's fall, and that means FREE at Phrric Paintball!  If you are reading this, you are here to sign up for a free paintball experience at Phrric Paintball Friday, October 12th from 6p to 7p.

The first 103 people to sign up will get to experience the Haloween Maze where you will get to shoot (live), zombies! Imagine The Walking Dead on Haloween! How cool is that?! Equipment will also be provided as well as 100 FREE paintballs per person. Again, zombies will come out and try to attack you and your only defense is your paintball gun and free paintballs!

This is a crazy experience that won't cost you anything so be one of the first 103 people to sign up below!

**All 100 slots have been filled, and winners will be notified!**


7365 Airport Rd.
Nampa, Idaho

(208) 629-6229

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