I buy free range organic eggs so when I saw the term "Free Range Parenting" I was definitely intrigued. What is it and why has there been a bill to legalize it introduced to the Idaho Statehouse. Is this a ploy to let children run wild and make their own decisions about everything at a young age like in the Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy. The answer to that is yes and no.

In an KTVB interview Republican Rep. Ron Nate of Rexburg, said.

"I grew up in a time, I think a lot of us older folks grew up in a time where we'd walk to the park, have fun with our friends all day, we'd play outside, go to each other's homes."

"That's not just nostalgia. That's about making good adults out of kids because you know they learned some independence...They learned how to get around and be responsible for their actions and to plan for a day even. And so those activities, they seem to be diminishing. And we want to make sure that parents feel comfortable to let their kids engage in those kinds of independence building activities without the fear of being accused of being neglectful or in the extreme even being charged of being neglectful."

Nate pointed out that he likes this title for the bill best, "Reasonable Childhood Independence.

When asked to give examples of "Free Range Parenting" he responded with the following:

"Some examples would be can you run into the store and get a gallon of milk or whatever you need without having to drag all your kids into the store? Can you leave them in the car for a few minutes? Can you let the kids play outside unsupervised for a reasonable period of time".

Nate claims that this isn't just a way to let parents off the hook.

"This isn't just about protecting parents, but giving kids the opportunity to grow into responsible, healthy adults who are productive members of society because they've grown up in an atmosphere where they were able to grow and learn,"

What do you think? would you vote yea or nea?


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