Depending on where you live, you may have received a flyer in the mail discussing the upcoming road construction impacting Front, Myrtle, and Broadway in downtown Boise. Some of Boise's most trafficked areas are about to undergo repaving which will continue through November.

According to the Idaho Department of Transportation, the construction will begin right in time for BSU football season. Here's what you can expect:

August - October

  • Reconstruct pedestrian ramps throughout the project area

Mid August - September

  • Broadway Avenue construction

September - October

  • Front Street construction

September - October

  • Myrtle Street construction


  • Project Completion

Most of the construction will be scheduled during weeknights to keep all lanes open during the day.  IDT is asking people to please plan alternate routes during this project when and if possible to keep traffic down to a minimum.  There will always be at least one to two lanes of traffic open during construction.  Business affected by the construction will be notified of closures, noise and other important information that may affect them.

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