Several snow days for local Treasure Valley schools over the last week or so have certainly highlighted just how much snow we have seen on the valley floor--and just how bad road conditions have been. Schools haven't been the only places to close, however. Many bars, restaurants, and other businesses--especially in the downtown area--haven't even tried to open their doors. Brutal street parking conditions and the general desire from folks to just stay inside and at home have been motivators there.

Getting around in the Treasure Valley, for most, requires driving. Public transportation just doesn't get it done for many and things here are so spread out.

Commuting in the winter? No thanks. These snow storms and icy roads have made for a headache to get just about anywhere--even for seasoned drivers and life-long Idahoans. So what is the general consensus?

Well...people in the Treasure Valley have a LOT to say...

Here's a look at what local Boise residents have to say about bad Boise drivers in the winter!

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Do you share in any of these local driving pet peeves?

It's clear that some of these certainly apply to driving conditions even when there isn't any snow on the ground!

If we noticed one thing in everyone's feedback, it's that people are perhaps too confident on the roads. Whether it be in their experience, their vehicles, their tires, or the conditions in general. When there's snow and ice in play, nobody should ever be sure that a crash is easily avoidable.

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