Spend anytime in the Treasure Valley and you're bound to meet someone that has some strong opinions about folks from California moving here.

Warranted? Well--we don't understand the hostility. California has indeed, however, discovered the Great State of Idaho--there is no ignoring that.

A recent tweet seems to explain the WHY behind the moving...But first, it's such a prominent thing, we actually have a FULL-BLOWN GUIDE for new Idahoans that have moved here from California-- some friendly advice, if you will. 

A Former Californian's Advice to Californians Moving to Idaho

"Philo," a user on Bestplaces.net moved to Boise from Fresno in 2014. Like other California transplants, navigating the waters of moving to the Gem State from California has been tricky at times. He offered these tips to others in that situation to make things a little easier.

If you've moved here from California, maybe you can relate--and if you're considering the move, maybe you should take note! We're here to help! 

With the undeniable influx of new Idahoans coming from California, love it or hate it, there has to be a reason, right? What is behind this "California Exodus"?

While scrolling through Twitter recently, we came across a friend of a friend who shared, somewhat passive aggressively, WHY people might be leaving California:

So glancing at the photo above, perhaps we here in the Treasure Valley can relate to these "new Californians" more than originally expected. Rent is rising and they're looking for a new place to live that they can afford. Seems reasonable, right?

Of course, as a renter, I can't help but wonder just how much cheaper rent here in Idaho is because it seems everything in Boise is about $1,400 anymore.

Commentary from those replying to the tweet sound awfully familiar:

Are you getting cozy in Idaho as a Californian? Here's another cheat sheet--you can thank us later.

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