Late last night my younger sister sent me a text informing me that today is national sticker day. Yes, I know its a strange one but there is of course a national sticker day. According to national today the first known sticker was, "In 300 BC The earliest known ‘stickers’ were used in marketplaces for product prices on produce."

Another website called Always the Holidays explains how it started, "In 2015, a sticker and label company – Sticker Giant created the National Sticker Day to bring the awareness of the fun of stickers to all ages. There is even a Guinness Book of Records entry for the largest sticker ball! It contains around 200,000 stickers and is in Longmont, Colorado!"

Stickers are great, both the useful (labels, stamps, logos, ect.) and the fun and silly types and scratch and sniff, I mean come on that is just genius. When you are a parent however, there is a bit of a love / strongly dislike feeling to stickers sometimes. At least until they stop wanting to put them everywhere. I have an 8 year old boy and we recently just flipped his bed over earlier this week so I wouldn't have to deal with the large parade of old and peeling SpongeBob characters that even he is tired of looking at.

Idaho sign with stickers

I love when stickers can become like art or have some humor. It wasn't hard to compile some fantastic, unique and wonderful stickers inspired by Idaho and Idahoans. Enjoy.


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