Halloween is fast approaching! Have you figured out your costume yet? While you may think Halloween is just a dress up and candy holiday for kids, adults love to get in on the action. Maybe it's because as an adult you can choose to be literally whatever you want, while you might not have had any say on the matter as a child. For example, I didn't love being "woman who wears makeup" when I was in first grade, but it wasn't up to me. My mom made the decision based on procrastination, I imagine.

Most importantly I think it needs to be addressed that there are costumes in extremely poor taste that should be avoided this and every Halloween. Steer clear of pandemic themed costumes. That means don't run around dressed as a virus or as a Covid-19 patient. Any costumes cosplaying perpetrators of horrific tragedies like the Holocaust or mass shootings are flat out evil, and if this was your plan you don't deserve to celebrate anything. But what can we expect from grown folks in the Treasure Valley this Halloween? We took to Facebook to find out.

"I'm going to be Doris from "A league of their own " That's Rosie o'Donnell character from the show "I wanna steak dinna' " lol" - Hollieanne S.

"I was already Jasmine from Aladdin and going to be a mermaid on Halloween."
-Christina H.
"Dr. Gregory House M.D. Even have the actual cane and suit." - Cody C.
"Sally from Nightmare before Christmas" - Brittany B.
"Winnie the Pooh, my son tigger and my husband Christopher Robbin" - Leovi S.
"Ursula from Little Mermaid" - Debbie D.
It looks like we will be seeing beloved characters from our childhood come to life. No surprise that Disney characters are popular. We grew up wanting to be them. No better time than Halloween to fulfill that dream.

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