HBO's Game Of Thrones has just televised their final episode to end season 8 and a very epic series. GOT is over and there's nothing we can do about it. That's it 😭

Think of where you were 8 years ago and everything that has transpired since that moment. Game of Thrones has been airing since then and that means if you were 10 years old - you would most likely have just graduated high school. GOT has been on that long.

There won't be any spoilers in this blog so don't worry. I will say that my man Jon Snow is a beast and what about that unbelievable hair did moment with Daenerys (my queen). Did any peep that what her stylist with that braid?


Date back to all the ending series finales and nobody is ever happy. It's like when you someone to catch up on the series you love and they watch the first episode and say, "I didn't really like it so I stopped watching." You what!

Don't ever expect to be satisfied with the openings and closings of these flicks because it doesn't really work like that. I will say that this was still pretty close to great and I didn't feel like they left the door open for some miraculous extra season. Nobody is coming out of retirement. Game of Thrones is officially dunzo. Or is it?

There looks to be a prequel coming with a whispered rumor titling this, "The Long Night." This supposedly takes place over 10,000 years before the events of GOT. Some of the same peeps are involved in production but not a lot of info on the cast. I'm hearing Naomi Watts is the leading lady and filming has begun. I'm sure GOT fans can speak more on that via all the fan sites and blogs.

GOT Prequel Details

All of that said we saw two major shows dissolve this past week with Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory. BBT debuted the year I moved to Boise back in 2007 and I still remember where I was in GOT's "Red Wedding" episode. I think of binge shows somewhat like our favorite sports team. We argue about them, love them, hate them, and can't wait till the next one comes.

I'm sure there will be a ton of haters come out with massive disappointment over the finale. In the end, I think the directors gave fans something to look forward to each episode. If you loved Sex in the City or Sopranos back in the day you get how big these shows endings can be for fans. You can see that even the cast realize how important those fans are.

Here's some good stuff to be excited about. It does look like a prequel is coming and there is about to be another round of GOT fans coming to the table. I found an "everything" video to bring you up to speed on Game of Thrones in the case you need the synopsis in a few minutes. These are spoilers but it gives you an overview in the event you wanna begin the series. First here are some celebrities who did like most of us and glued themselves to HBO to witness the end of another history-making show.

Let's get you caught up because you will want to begin even if you keep telling yourself you're too far behind!


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