Another wonderful and positive good news story to brighten you spirits this holiday season. These types of stories pop up now and again but usually from a national level, it has been awhile -if ever- that a tip this massive has been gifted to a server, much less one at an inexpensive spot like Applebee's. Hey maybe it was Walker Hayes who recently put Applebee's back on the map with his hit Fancy Like?

Nope that wasn't it. Although the family who did leave a staggering $1000 tip in cash were definitely fans of the restaurant, and clearly fans of their server too.

When people leave massive tips like this do you think they already have their mind made up to leave someone a giant tip that night or do you think it happens depending on how great, friendly and helpful the server is? For this particular situation I think it had everything to do with the server.

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According to KCBY11, "A family left their server a $1,000 tip along with a note saying, "Merry Christmas!" The server, who is about to have surgery, called it a miracle. Dylan, a full-time student at Aveda Institute in Boise, works part-time at Applebee's to help pay for her education. She's scheduled to have surgery on Friday and won't be able to work for two weeks."

The food bill for the family was minimal, only about $46, but they left her ten $100 dollar bills. Idaho News CBS2 spoke to the server after who said, "I was like, this is a prank, what is happening, and started bawling. I was so like shocked and just in disbelief that my hands were shaking that I dropped a plate right after. Definitely a miracle." Dylan said.

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