Here's one way to get your hands on that elusive PS5! Just a couple of weeks ago, Sony's Interactive Gaming CEO announced "there are no more" PlayStation 5s on the market and that "absolutely everything is sold." To say they are hard to come by right now is an understatement yet the remain on thousands' Christmas lists.  

A company called, WhistleOut is looking to pay someone $1,000 to simply review the new PS5. On top of that, you'll get to keep the PlayStation! All you have to do is play for 50 hours and then write up your review. The company would like gamers to take note of their overall experience and pay attention to things like "online vs. offline experience, comparisons to older generations, download speeds, and new features."

Considering apply? WhistileOut wants you to know you should be a serious gamer! "We’re looking for brave souls who consider gaming a way of life, and who would think nothing of powering through 50 hours of play time," the company says. Apart from that, if you have a TV that supports 4K gaming and HDMI cables plus good internet connection, then you're qualified for this "gig." Gamers have until December 16th at 10:59 pm to apply at

Black Friday was probably your last good chance to purchase the highly sought after PS5. Stores such as Walmart and Best Buy were holding a few back for the big sale day.  Your next best option is searching on eBay but that's only if you're willing to cough up thousands of dollars and you should be really weary of scams.

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