Taking care of children in any capacity can be fulfilling, rewarding, and yes, even exhausting. Cue the babysitter (or nanny, whichever you prefer!). Now, there’s a wide variety of scenarios and situations that call for hiring a sitter – it could be because a single parent has to work, wants to go out with friends, or maybe it’s because both parents have a set date night. Whatever the situation, you’ll want to pay accordingly.

I’ll admit right away, we’ve never had to hire a babysitter in our home. We were always fortunate to have family around to help us out until we made the trip from Texas to Idaho. Like a lot of people, we’ll now need to hire a babysitter in the event we want to get a night out. But what do you pay a babysitter?

We were able to find the average base salary per hour of babysitters by state thanks to Indeed.com. Maybe it’s because I have no experience in hiring a sitter, but I feel like some of these hourly rates could be higher. Am I wrong? What do you think is an appropriate amount to pay a babysitter for a few hours?

How Much Money Should a Babysitter in the State of Idaho Cost?

Let's take a look at what babysitters/nannies are averaging in pay in Idaho and surrounding states according to Indeed. Are babysitters making enough money for the job?

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