If there's one thing that has become probably more of a routine than it should be for me recently, it's going to Whole Foods. I live by Whole Foods, I work by Whole Foods...it seems I go nearly every day for a snack, some lunch, some groceries, even just a bottle of their ridiculously good orange juice.

As I am sure you have heard by now, online retail giant Amazon has purchased Whole Foods and with that, come some announced plans of change.

I should emphasize first that Amazon has made clear, the quality of products and standards at which the items on their shelves are held to, will not be changing.  The prices however? They're about to drop. Starting Monday, August 27th, prices for everything from avocados to eggs, salmon to apples, all of which, are organic.

It seems that Amazon believes things at Whole Foods should be at a more accessible price point for everyone and with that, I can't argue at all!

To read more about the Amazon take over and what it could include down the road, such as integrating Amazon lockers, click HERE.

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