Whole Foods is hiring and if you ask me, it's something to be excited about!

We've all been there--working a job that was less than ideal just for a paycheck. It's never smart to leave a job without having another lined up...so what do you do? Typically, we truck along, go through the motions, deal with the drama and keep collecting that check.

I don't know about you, but starting off a new job with $15 per hour sounds like a solid thing to me. That's exactly what Whole Foods is up to! Whole Foods, which is now owned by Amazon, has began paying all employees at least $15 an hour. That's just their policy--taking care of their people.

According to what's posted in their store, they offer a 20% discount on all purchases (um, grocery discounts, anyone!?), benefits, and an awesome environment.

To see what positions are open, click HERE.


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