It's all of the craze, all over the world: Barbie. When we were kids, Barbie was a prominent part of childhood--with Ken, of course. If you didn't own some Barbies, you were probably a boy and despised the color pink. Now, in a weird way, everyone is really appreciating the re-surfacing of the popular childhood toy.

With the Barbie movie hitting movie theaters this week off of a $145 million budget, it's clear that 'girls nights' everywhere are about to invade local theaters to check it out. You'll be able to identify these parties by the amount of pink everyone is wearing. Just a guess...

Taking place downtown Boise on Friday night? A total Barbie takeover that we can already tell is going to be all of the rage in the city.

Just announced late last week, the popular downtown Boise bar--Amsterdam Lounge--will be throwing a "Pink & Plastic" Barbie themed evening. As is always the case with Amsterdam--the devil will be in the details of decor, staff outfits, and cocktails.

According to Amsterdam Lounge on Facebook:

This party is for all the Barbie’s and Kens that enjoy a celebration - Amsterdam Lounge is getting transformed into a dream house!  Post your best Barbie feet challenge video and tag us by noon on Thursday, July 20th for a chance to win our Friday night dream house bottle service table!  Best Barbie and Ken costumes get movie tickets to see the New Barbie movie and everyone can enjoy an evening of delicious cocktails:  from Ken’s old fashioned to a mini dress martini.
The party is set to take place Friday, July 21st and starts at 8:00 p.m.

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Celebrity Barbies

Having your likeness immortalized on a Barbie is a badge of honor for any celebrity.

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