There's something that I as a 24-year-old male will never understand-- what it's like to be a woman. However, just because I lack that perspective now (and always will), doesn't mean I haven't understood how much more expensive it is, to be a woman.

Blame it on society or whatever--there's no arguing against it. It seems to me that societal norms just require women to spend more money on "products"--be it beauty or health and honestly, it's kind of ridiculous.

One thing that may fly under the radar for many, is what homeless women are to do when it comes to feminine hygiene products. By the way-- these aren't cheap.

Macarah Heller, a Boise resident, has made an effort to help by starting a GoFundMe page to help homeless women receive the menstrual hygiene products they need.

She writes in the description:

This group has been created by a small group of people in Boise who have a heart for the struggles that local homeless people who menstruate. We want to create menstrual hygiene packs for homeless females in Boise while connecting with them. We will donate them directly as well as to local homeless shelters. They will include:

-menstrual cups

To check out the GoFundMe page for yourself and to donate to the cause, just click HERE.

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