So, apparently there’s been some updates from the Idaho Legislature regarding the flying or displaying of political party flags and/or flags that represent branches of the military on your property...

... and WOAH this is more of a controversial topic than I ever would have thought haha!

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Ashley Kaiser created a TikTok video about this the other day, and let me tell you, the comments are filled with interesting arguments and conversations about politics, HOA’s, “Karens,” and Idaho real estate etc. I’ve shared a bunch of the comments below so you can check em’ out like I did — it’s a fascinating read, trust me.

But the overall point is that Idaho HOAs are apparently not allowed to tell you that you can’t fly political flags or flags that represent branches of the military. There are some other things, too, like them not being allowed to tell you exactly where on your roof you can put solar panels etc.

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According to Ashley, “a few lawyers have commented that it was already a law, but they consolidated it to make it easier to look up. Hopefully HOAs actually follow it now.”

It was definitely interesting sifting through the 397 comments that were there when I was reading — you can tell there are a lot of Idahoans extremely excited about this, and also a lot of Idahoans who think this is the worst thing ever haha! Makes for some controversial conversations to say the least. Enjoy!

Good & Bad Idaho Reactions to New Idaho HOA Rules!

Comments are from THIS VIDEO.

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