We aren't big on being negative--there's enough negativity in the world already. But we are big about being honest and we think it's time to just come out and say what everyone thinks, annually and often in the Treasure Valley:

Mosquitos are pointless, good for nothing, annoyances! 

Wow, it feels good to have gotten that off of our chest.

We aren't the only ones with something to say about Mosquitos in the Treasure Valley, however. Just take it from Twitter...




Now, for the first time this year--as is annual tradition at this point--we're here to share that West Nile Virus is indeed in the Treasure Valley and it is being carried by mosquitos.  At this point, they've been located in Elmore County but it isn't unusual for the virus (and these mosquitos that are carrying it) to Ada and Canyon counties by the end of the summer.

Want to avoid the virus? Yeah, us too.

Health officials remind us to rid of any standing water around your property, to wear long pants and sleeves in the evening, and protect yourself with repellant!

Have horses? Get them vaccinated.

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