How cool is this--students right here in the Treasure Valley have the chance to control Google's homepage for a day!

It's a long standing contest that was going on even when I was in middle school and though none of my "doodles" ever got far--the thought of winning the annual Doodle 4 Google contest was always such a dream.

If you are in school, Kindergarten through 12th Grade, you're eligible to partake in this years Doodle for Google contest--a chance to not only show off your artistic abilities but display some imagination and uplifting messaging.

What inspires you? That's the question (and the theme) that Google is asking students all across the country to answer and doodle about. Incorporated in your doodle of what inspires you must be the letters (of course) "G-O-O-G-L-E".

There's just one week left to submit YOUR doodles (they're due March 2nd) so if you or someone you know is a student with an imagination and some artistic skills, make it happen! We would love to see Google choose a winner from right here in the Treasure Valley.

Not only will the winning doodle make the Google homepage, but the winner will receive:

  • $30,000 college scholarship
  • $50,000 technology package for their school
  • A Behind the scenes experience with the doodle team, at Google

It should be noted--you can use ANYTHING to create this masterpiece--food, clay, you name it!

For more and the official submission page, click HERE.

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