Little Shuts Down Idaho

I promise it feels like we can't keep up with everything surrounding COVID-19. Our company, Townsquare Media, is also coordinating meeting weekly status just like everyone else. It's been a dark, quiet environment at the 103.5 Kissfm studios for the last month.

We continue to wait for the pin to drop. Could the number of casualties due to COVID-19 skyrocket and what's next after that? So, far that's not the case and we're heading into stage 2 of Idaho Rebounds.

Gov. Little just announced a special press conference to go over what's next as stage two begins on Thursday, May 14, 2020. What does this mean? It means stores will begin to open like restaurant dining, gyms, hair salons, recreational facilities, and more. It doesn't matter whether these places get packed or not. What's more important is the visual impact it makes. It says that business is open and let's move on with our life. That's what I see. I was talking to a friend tonight who said Quinns' Pond has been packed, no masks. I was at Target this weekend grabbing something for Mother's Day and the number of masks was 25%. People are ready.

It doesn't matter what you think, Idaho wants to move forward. Gov. Little will probably address all this and even more. If you want to get out for a drink at your local spot it's going to have to wait. Bars, clubs, and venues will remain closed until further notice. I know that Livenation just announced no big shows till the Fall of 2021. That's a massive announcement so early in the game. I would just say we'll see how the next month goes before jumping to the next step. If we see bad cases begin to take off that includes 100's of deaths get ready for a shutdown.

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