Teachers are such an important aspect of society and often, they get overlooked. I was never a straight 'A' student by ANY means yet the importance of school and an education was always so important to me.  Growing up, some of the biggest role models of my entire life were educators and I will always be thankful that these certain individuals were in my life. Just this weekend I watched some basketball and enjoyed a few bourbon drinks with two of my former teachers and it was some really special time that came full circle.

If you're like me and you have appreciated at least one educator in your past that may have influenced you, been a role model, or taught you a certain skill set, than you probably agree these are some of the most caring and hardest working people in society. I mean, they are LITERALLY shaping our future, in the classroom, DAILY.

A rumored 5-year plan may soon be presented by Governor Brad Little that could increase teacher pay by $225 million statewide.

Salaries for first year teachers would be increased to $40,000 with tiers reaching up to $60,000 for teachers that are veterans.

Teachers work hard and often have to supply and decorate their classrooms on their own dime--I really believe a pay increase for these public servants would be awesome.


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