When it comes to robots, Idaho is the second state in the United States to legalize them.

No, robots aren't taking over but they COULD be delivering things to your doorstep soon. Virginia was the first state to pass a law allowing unmanned, delivery robots to roam the streets or sidewalks, and now Idaho is on board, with the law going into effect July 1st.

Maybe you've read about companies like Amazon that have wanted to start delivery by drone.  The hurdle that they're facing is a federal law, which prohibits delivery drones to operate without a human operator within a line of sight of the drone.  Obviously, this defeats the purpose of drone delivery and that's what Amazon is battling right now.

Because of that drone legal battle, these unmanned, ground driven robots could be what you see as a delivery man alternative, first.  These robots are allowed to operate without a person along side it, or even without someone watching it from a line of sight. Of course the robots have some rules to follow.  The law that goes into action on July 1st deems a speed limit of 10 miles per hour.

One question that comes to mind for me is how do they prevent these things from getting stolen!?  Of course there's always THAT guy that would think it were a great idea to throw it in the back of his truck.

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