Let's be real. The last thing we have time for when we're traveling is to figure out what we're going to eat before jumping on a plane.

Boise Airport is looking to remedy that with their new food-ordering app.

It's pretty straightforward: Travelers pop open the app, browse airport restaurants near their gate, order their meal through the app, and prepay.

When the food is ready, you'll get a notification via Grab so you don't have to wait around to dine.

Bill Best, general manager of Delaware North says about Grab:

Phone apps are becoming more and more prevalent in today's work history. People are starved for time, especially when trying to get through the checkpoint, the lines, so this is just one way to speed up that process and take some of the stress out of the lives of travelers

Even better, Grab users can bypass lines and pick up their meal immediately. No waiting in lines AND minimal human interaction? Sign me up.