Granger Smith has been spotted at the Boise Airport! What is he doing here?!

Our thoughts and prayers have been with Granger and his family a lot since the tragic drowning of his 3-year-old son River last month, but we didn't expect him in Idaho right now.

Granger went on to perform in Sun Valley on June 29th, after his tragedy, so why is he back?

I have two thoughts...

  1. Maybe he is here to help him recover after his loss. There is nothing like the peacefulness and serenity of Idaho to help you get in a better place mentally.
  2. Could he be secretly opening for Garth Brooks?!! We know Blake Shelton is coming to duet with Garth at his Friday concert, but could Granger be the opening act possibly for Friday and Saturday?!

This is pure speculation on my part, but when I got a text from a friend saying Granger is at the Boise Airport I had to try and make sense of it.

Either way, welcome to Boise Granger Smith! We love you!

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