Well it's official--the days of you hearing my voice on 103.5 KISS FM here in Boise may be limited...because this job in Greece sounds a little too amazing.

Calling all cat lovers like myself: if you're looking for an opportunity to work with cats (and not humans, cause humans are the worst) then this job MAY just be for you.

So here's the scoop. There's a Greek island named Syros and it's a secluded, nature preservation area. On the island? Cats. Tons of them. You would be in charge of 55 of them to be exact.

The job should you choose to apply is to simply take care of and be a companion to these lovable cats. It's a paid position and you will be given free housing, water, and electricity.  They need the position filled by November 1st. The charity that runs this operation is looking for someone over 45 years old who can drive a manual transmission vehicle to take sick cats to the vet, should they need. Have veterinary experience? Even better.

For job details, click HERE.



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