Ammon Edward Bundy, an anti-government militant and activist was sentenced in an Ada County Courthouse this evening after his multi-day trial.

Bundy is no stranger to making headlines.  Several years ago now, Ammon Bundy was all over national news as he had a standoff with all sorts of local and federal authorities for days on end at the Malheur national Wildlife Refuge. Fast forward about five years and Ammon Bundy became a strong anti-government voice here in the Treasure Valley.  Many call the COVID-19 pandemic Bundy's "superbowl".

The iconic image of Ammon Bundy being wheeled out of the Idaho State Capitol Building by Idaho State Police troopers is precisely why he was on trial this week-- for trespassing and resisting and obstructing arrest during last summer's special legislative session. This is just one instance of Bundy being trespassed from the Idaho State Capitol.

This evening, a jury found Bundy guilty of the charges facing him.

After reviewing the case, the charges, and the circumstances, Judge David Manweiler did not see jail time as necessary and instead sentenced Bundy to a $500 fine and 48 hours of community service.

Could this mean his campaign is simply kicking off earlier than planned?

Just weeks ago, Ammon Bundy declared himself a candidate for Office of Governor here in the State of Idaho--registering as a Republican along with the Idaho GOP.

SEVERAL local Twitter users had plenty to say about the sentencing:

And of course, now that Bundy is running for office, his statement, as expected, was released just before 11:00 p.m.:

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