You may recall several months ago when hundreds of students and community members gathered on the steps of the Idaho Capitol Building to call for reformed gun regulation--specifically in schools.  The protest, held shortly after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, was one of just several hundred across the nation under the "March For Our Lives" movement.

Though delayed, the gathering set to happen Saturday afternoon on the Capitol steps will be a response that that movement organized by students--calling for Idaho to stick to its guns--no pun intended--when it comes to gun rights.

Crowd size for this rally according to organizers is expected to be a couple thousand, with Ammon Bundy keynote speaking. No matter your political stance, dialog, I believe, is a healthy trait of any community.

A similar rally held two years ago featured confederate flags and as expected, several open-carry firearms. I should be clear--no incidents or harm was done at this rally.


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