The plot thickens with an extra dose of drama and a pinch of 'he said she said' in this story. Last month we wrote about an Idaho doctor named Terry Sanderson who is suing Gwyneth Paltrow for $3 million claiming she ran into him while skiing in Utah. He says she was skiing recklessly and ran into him from behind causing him to have a concussion and broken ribs. Of course she claims he is the one that hit her and has now decided to counter-sue. She's only suing him for $1 though because she doesn't need money and just want to prove she is right.

TMZ has the full report where the Idaho man claims in his incident statement that Paltrow hit him from behind which would be contrary to his suit which claims he ran into her due to her erratic movements.

This seems like it shouldn't be that big of a story but it was even picked up and reported on by the BBC earlier today.

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