Jack Skellington Costume

Halloween 🎃 It's not too late to figure out those creative and crazy costumes. I've been known to dress in a suit with make-up or mask. I know, I'm a dude and it's less pressure. I get it. Let me give you a quick list of some things that might give you inspiration. My wife grabbed a few black long johns, puff paint, button, gloves and we have a little Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas.

I have to say this wife of mine is so incredibly special in that she's able to bring to life our son's dreams to life. Paige takes the things he lives for and makes them fun every day. Lennox loves Nightmare Before Christmas and she did this for him. ❤️


What about a social butterfly?

Seems like I'm seeing a lot of Lego costumes as well. How do they look on your kids? Looks good to me!

Like Beyonce say's, "Who runs this world, GIRLS! Wonder Woman is the top-selling costume for girls this year. It's about time!!!!


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