Growing up, Halloween feels like a rite of passage.

As a child, you want nothing more than to put on your favorite costume and collect as many sugary treats as possible. In adulthood, we want to deck out our homes in spooky decor to show off on Instagram.

If you live in Idaho Falls, both young and old you will be missing out this year.

Why? Because an absolute travesty is happening right before our eyes. Spirit Halloween won't be coming to Idaho Falls this year.

We know. It's shocking. As you compose yourself, Amanda Cockerill, a store manager for Spirit Halloween, explains their absence this year:

There is just not any commercial real estate available. We were going to be in the Lane Bryant (location in Ammon) but the Ammon library took over that space. When a full-time tenant can take over it, we get bumped out just because we are temporary and so full term gets priority.

Cockerill continues:

I know the company is still actively looking for something this year (in Idaho Falls) but it’s looking really slim. But I know they want to find a more permanent location. We have always been able to find a location. We haven’t been able to find anything else because it’s just getting taken. Idaho Falls has always been our high volume store. I know it’s a pretty big loss for the company.

If you're around Idaho Falls and indeed are looking for a Spirit Halloween to grab up all your Halloween goodies, the closest locations to you are Rexburg and Pocatello.

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