Halloween is over 😞I feel like most of most posts today will lead with "Halloween is over!" You can't help but not because there is so much hype surrounding October 31 and when it's over - here comes Santa Claus.

Let's not rush there yet because we'll have plenty of time to usher in the jingle bells. I realized that after going through photos that my son isn't about getting his photo taken anymore. I think my wife is the only one that can get a great shot anymore.

My wife made all of Lennox's costumes and she goes all out each year. I'm so happy that she just let him be a little Star Wars Stormtrooper this yet because it's just so much work on her. Leo was super cute in her little kitty costume which consisted of some tights, tail and painted-on whiskers. That little girl is a sweetie.

Photo of Leo by: Kekeluv
Photo of Leo by: Kekeluv

Halloween was great this year but I'm started to see my son grow a little. Lennox wasn't walking with daddy but with his cousin Henry. He had so much fun that he spilled over into a sleepover that night. He had a blast as daddy watched him go from door to door trick-or-treating.

The only thing I would change is making a bigger deal about allergen-free candy. Lennox couldn't have any kind of pizza or candy in years past due to allergies. He's seemed to just grow out of them and this was the first year where he could indulge in all the Halloween treats 🎃I hope we prepare enough to give little trick-or-treaters those options next year.

Now, it's time to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. More importantly for me, just keeping an eye out to ensure everyone is healthy. It's funny how those things because more in focus when you become a parent. I love this little family.

Here are a few photos from this Halloween and years past as they grew.

Halloween Recap

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