It’s Kevin Hart’s birthday today, and when I heard about that, I instantly wondered whether or not he’s been to Idaho before... Did you know Kevin Hart has performed in Boise? I didn’t.

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I’m super bummed about missing that, though, because I would have loved going to his show!

Turns out, Kevin Hart has performed in Boise a couple of times before, and it’s been just over 4 years since the last time he performed his comedy in the Boise area last — at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa in 2018.

I mean, I kind of get it, because he IS one of the biggest names in comedy (in the world) and I’m sure he stays very busy hosting shows like Cold as Balls on LOL Network, appearing in movies, and touring all over the place, but Boise is not on his list of places to come back to.

GIF By Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud

I’ve been searching like crazy for reasons why he wouldn’t come back to Idaho and there isn’t anything.

Everything I can find about the last few times he was here tells me he really enjoys Idaho and that the crowds were absolutely massive.

I learned some new facts about Kevin Hart, though, he is apparently deathly afraid of bugs and really hates dolphins... the bugs aren’t bad in Idaho, and we don’t have any dolphins! So, why not Idaho?

Would YOU want Kevin Hart to bring his comedy to Idaho again? Come back Kevin!

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