Downstairs inside the Idanha building just under Guru Donuts, there are some restrooms. When you're standing at the sink, you may see an unexplained apparition. That's the very story my mom and wife told me as they came running up the stairs. 

The Idanha Hotel was known as the most luxurious hotel in the pacific northwest. The hotel on main street offered 200 rooms - 75 of which had baths. The lights were electric and natural gas heated the high-end hotel.

The main floor would include the lobby, an office, a luggage room and a dining room with a fire place that could keep guests cozy on winter days. There was a kitchen and a bar room with an 18-foot long bar. The wet room stored various kinds of wet goods that would be lowered to players in the card room below.

The basement included a barber shop, a card room, a billiard room and a sample room for traveling salesmen to display their wares.

The top level of the Idanha hotel would be for the "help" who not only were employed at the hotel but also lived there.

On January 1, 1901, the Idanha Hotel opened celebrating the first day of the 20th century.

Inside the Idanha today, you won't find hotel rooms because they have been converted to apartments. Construction workers reported some strange activity at the time of renovation.

A bellman was rumored to be gunned down and his ghost has been said to move the elevator up and down. Some have also spotted his ghost peering around corners in the building. While you're walking through the hallways, beware of corners and doorways.

People have reported seeing lights turning off and on by themselves and hearing moaning sounds coming from different levels of the building.

The basement where cards and billiards were the fun activity is also where a woman was murdered and buried. Her ghost is known to linger. She stays near the lower levels of the building.

On the third and fourth floors...that's a different story. An aggressive entity haunts residents and is known to pull people out of their beds.

Do you believe any of this to be true?

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