Well, this is a first. A plane just took a crash landing on top of a giant tree in MCCALL, Idaho. I'm trying to figure this out in my head because the photo doesn't make sense with what you might think a crash landing looks like.

Pilot John Gregory took a crash landing this week when his single-engine Piper Cub PA-18 lost power and had to a make a choice. That was quite a lucky one too.

I was in the Navy and never got to fly jets but stood on the flight deck when these massive F-14's and F-18's would come screaming in from nowhere. I regret not getting footage because these onboard takeoffs and landings were indescribable. I once was the DJ for an airshow for our battle group out at sea while serving on board the USS Abraham Lincoln.

I've been still waiting for my invite and chance to fly in Boise. Every time one flies over my house and especially this week around 8 P.M. I take my son out front to show him. My wife then brings out Leo and I say, "I'm gonna fly on one of those soon!" She replies, "NO YOU'RE NOT." I tried to explain they have ejection capabilities and no response.

I can guarantee one of those won't be landing on the top of some trees in MCCALL. Look at that landing. The pilot was rescued and everyone was safe. It looks like he just placed the plane right into the trees. Crazy! Everyone is safe and I know who to call when I fly.

Courtesy Undersheriff Jason Speer
Courtesy Undersheriff Jason Speer

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