If there is one thing that continues to boom here in the Treasure Valley, besides just about everything...it's locally brewed beer! I didn't turn 21 until I was going to college at Gonzaga University and living up in Spokane, Washington. It was then that I discovered my own love for posting up at a brewery to find my favorite beer made right there in the Inland Northwest.  It didn't take me long to discover it was totally worth bringing home growlers of the good stuff to enjoy all week, either.

As the beer culture continues to grow here in the Treasure Valley and across the country, a recent "study" has named the top breweries in the country AND the top breweries in each State.

So, how did Idaho do?

Well, first I would like to point out the methodology. According to HouseMethod.com they compiled the "most popular" by the number of followers on Facebook and Instagram, the brewery's Yelp score, and the number of Yelp reviews. Do people still use Yelp? Do followers on Instagram mean the beer is good? I digress.

Nationwide, I don't recognize a TON of the breweries listed however here in Idaho, I do recognize the top dog.

Crooked Fence Brewing was named, according to this study, #1 in Idaho! Their taproom is right here in in the Treasure Valley and they consistently have the coolest labels!

The rest of the top five were:

  • 10 Barrel Brewing
  • Jim Dandy Brewing
  • County Line Brewing
  • Grand Teton Brewing


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