Being a parent is definitely a learning experience.  After reading the last sentence, most parents probably shook their heads in disappointment, duh. Of course, it is. The parental learning curve is something you hear about before you have kids, but something you cant really understand until you have a kid of your own. Every day brings new experiences, new phases and new questions on what's the best way to raise my child. Am I doing this correctly? Is my kids supposed to be doing that?
Phoenyx is about to turn three. I believe she's somewhat advanced for her age (what's parent doesn't think their kid is advanced), but she's picked up a new "thing" that I'm not entirely sure about.Blatant defiance.
She (Phoenyx) for the most part, has always been obedient. But in the past few weeks, she has been anything but. "No daddy" is what I usually hear followed by a tantrum when she doesn't get her way. We fear taking her out in public.  The level of disrespect is intense.
So my question is, is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? How do I correct this behavior?
Any advice from some seasoned parents would be appreciated.

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