Zoo Boise continues to mourn the death of their 11 year old giraffe that had to be euthanized last month.

After a necropsy, the Zoo Boise's team discovered that Julius Longfellow had torn a thick shoulder muscle as he crouched down to sleep the night before.  When the zookeepers game in to work the next morning, they weren't able to get him to stand back up and determined that they wouldn't be able to stabilize the giraffe in a position that would allow him to require comfortably. Rather than making Julius live out the rest of his days in pain, without dignity, the zoo staff chose to put him down.

When he passed away, Julius left behind his 7-year old friend Jabari.  Giraffes are social animals and it's essential to their well being to have a companion.  Zoo Boise is reaching out to the community to see if they can help find Jabari a new friend on Idaho Gives Day! They're trying to bring a little guy named Tafari to Boise from the Milwaukee County Zoo!

If you make a donation to the Friends of Zoo Boise "Can You Bring Tafari to Boise?" campaign on Idaho Gives Day, your donation will go toward the costs of acquiring Tafari from Milwaukee County Zoo including customized transportation for the giraffe's safety!

Any donor that makes at least a $50 donation to the campaign will be an zoo-clusive invitation to meet Tafari during a donors-only party at Zoo Boise!

Want to see Tafari before you donate? You won't be able to resist making a donation after seeing this cute video of him!

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