Zoo Boise is giving the community a chance to name two of their new corn snakes! The zoo staff has done the hard part for you, your job is to help narrow it down to one pair of names. These are some pretty cute names. Judging by these two corn snakes which do you find to be the most fitting?

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Anyone on Instagram can vote in the comments on Zoo Boise's post on the best pair of names. Voting officially ends at 11:59 PM MT on September 22, 2021. See the potential name pairs below:

Pair 1 – Willie and Nillie
Pair 2 – Candy and Pop
Pair 3 – Maizey and Reese Slitherspoon
Pair 4 – Squash and Potato
Pair 5 – Elote and Cob

Personally, my favorites are 3 & 4. Reese Slitherspoon?! Haha, I'm obsessed! Corn snakes are identifiable by the distinctive rows of alternating black and white marks on the bellies which sort of resemble a checkerboard pattern. According to the Smithsonian's website, these patterns maybe how the corn snake got its name considering the similarity of these markings to the checkered pattern of kernels of maize or Indian corn.

Corn snakes are typically found in the eastern United States anywhere from southern New Jersey to Florida, and even into Louisiana and parts of Kentucky. However, you and I are able to see them up close and personal at Zoo Boise. Let's not keep these cuties nameless for any longer - head over to Zoo Boise's IG and vote now!

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