I regret having to write this and not because it's not important. I'm sad that we're about to head into a place surrounding the coronavirus that most of us have never been.

Let me first say that losing even one person is a tragedy. I keep hearing and as I write this another alert just came through on my phone. We can all expect to witness tremendous tragedy over the next few weeks.

I don't want to get all technical because I think most of us have heard the news. We are about to head into a wave of deaths because of where this cycle goes. Everyone hopes that at the end of the next few weeks that we'll start to trend down. That's at least what they say in the news feed. So, what's that mean for everyone reading this?

This was a photo from my grocery pickup today and it's important you see this. I'm posting this because it should give us all a great indication of the organization we'll need moving through these next few weeks. To put things in perspective I usually pull right in and there might be maybe 2 cars waiting for pickup. I think there is 10 spots for pickup and that means it's typically open for another 8 pickups.

I went in to grab a pickup today and had to get in line back 30 cars deep. That's 30 cars back with 10 already waiting for pickups so that's 40 vehicles waiting. This is just a taste of what's about to come and Walmart only had half of the order in stock.


I took that photo when I had already been waiting for 30 minutes. I'm afraid that with all the tragic news that's about to break over the next few weeks it's going to get worse. Here are a few things I'd consider moving forward.

  • Organize groceries - Put together a list of meals and what groceries are needed with them. Put them in a notes section on your phone or in a tablet. This will take the stress off your mind from always trying to decide what you need. If you plan on making spaghetti just have the menu ready to send or take.
  • Choose your grocery outlet - Do you shop at Winco, Albertsons, Trader Joes, Natural Groceries or Walmart? Choose your spots to make these things easier and affordable. Have a group of items you get at Winco and another you get somewhere else. Find out what's cheapest like sparkling water for instance. You can spend $11 at Albertsons for 36 or $7 on 36 at Costco.
  • Mask and gloves - This is a newer one but we should have expected it. My suggestion is to do your research because it keeps changing what's right and wrong. If you don't care about the look just make your own because it's simple and cheap. You can buy simple disposable gloves online for cheap but read about it. Make sure you know when to take them off.
  • Stay Inside - This is the one we'll feel hard this week. Life will be lost hardcore this coming up and it should make you feel what's more of what's most important. Wear gloves and get it at the pump. Don't go inside. Order everything online for groceries are make an effort to know exactly what you need inside but only once over the next few weeks. Just stay inside the best you can no matter what. You just have to understand that none of us has ever come in contact with what's coming.
  • Look out for Neighbors - Find someone. Understand your neighbors' situations. Ask for help if YOU need it but keep in touch. Oh wow. This is so important.

Keep listening to us in the morning because we'll keep you posted. Download the Kiss because we're also giving away cash all week part of a stimulus package. You deserve some free money! Be safe and remember it's only going to get better. We just have to get through the next few weeks.


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