The Boise Music Festival was back! Temperatures were perfect hovering around 82 degrees, everyone showed up on time and fans were happy. I just wasn't there.

This would have been my 9th consecutive BMF in a row and I missed it due to a family emergency with our son. We thought this kid was in the health crisis clear until Thursday.

My son is almost 3 1/2 years old and has visited the hospital more than most adults. Lennox has cheated tragedy several times and has actually been doing great for the last year. This kid just came down with something suddenly and it felt like a repeat when my wife discovered blood in his vomit. There was also blood in his stool and that really shook us inside because we had no idea why.

Photo by: Kekeluv

Long story short is that I left after my show and rushed to St. Luke's Children's Hospital on Friday. I knew that the Boise Music Festival wasn't' happening and the only thing I could really pray for was this kids safety. You know your life has changed when your first love (radio) takes a backseat to your family. Watching my son's arm treated like a pin cushion because they couldn't find veins is one of the worst moments. The screaming and sometimes grown-up patience are just a few things that I can't forget. Lennox is just an amazing little man and seeing him hurt takes bits and pieces out of you.

Some people might just think, "Oh, he's sick again, he'll be fine." My own friends make jokes and I just don't think people understand the gravity of the situation with Lennox. All that said, we finally made it home and Saturday. This little champ's fever was down and no more vomiting.

The golden question right? What was wrong with him? We feel the same way and no answers can be the most frustrating moments. I think we might be getting closer due to the process of elimination and hopefully get closer by next year. The problem is that Lennox will keep growing and his body evolves. What's good for him today might be bad tomorrow and vice versa. There is one thing for sure when it comes to any little kid. They'll let you know when they feel good or bad. Adults are definitely more critical where kids are ready to play when they feel fine. Lennox was bouncing around the house Sunday and we had to constantly explain to him why he needed to chill. Good luck right!

Photo by: Kekeluv

Thanks to everyone who sent over messages, posts and voicemails asking about Lennox. I truly believe this kid is going to work out all these health challenges. We don't take for granted that we're extremely lucky because so many families are dealing with much worse situations. I also have a wife that is like a hawk when it comes to Lennox. She inspects everything and catches every warning. Lennox is definitely in great hands!

Does Your Kid Have Unexplained Health Issues

I'm not sure if there is a Facebook group but there should be for families searching for answers. I don't believe that all cases are the same and when you're looking for solutions anything helps. We know Lennox was allergic to dairy and soy. We're sure this along with a combination of Ibuprofen and others things was the culprit in the beginning. Once we took Lennox off dairy - he was a different little boy in several areas.

Always and ALWAYS go with your gut instincts. You grew that little person and spend every moment with them. YOU know them better than anyone else. Don't worry about being wrong. Don't worry about what other people think. You're that kids best advocate.