Hollywood loves Idaho--and it's time we all just acknowledge that. The secret is out on our state and we're going to have to deal with it. But, we get it. Idaho serves as a great and serene escape from all of the fast-paced life out in the big cities. If you're living and working in Hollywood, there's no doubt, you will want a break from it all. Especially if you're Henry Winkler--who is sure to be recognized in public just about anywhere he goes!

Winkler makes no secret, his love for Idaho. An avid fisherman, Idaho offers a frequent escape for him to do what he loves most.

It seems that just about every year in May, we see Winkler begin to document his time fishing away in our great state. Just this week, we're seeing the beginning of his adventures and his 'first catch' of the year!

Here's a look at a Tweet from just one year ago:  


As you can see from that image--his hoodie is from Irwin, Idaho and his hat is from a lodge nearby in Eastern Idaho!  He's truly an Idaho fanatic! Of course, this love for Idaho is nothing new. It seems that each time Henry comes to Idaho to fish, he loves to show off his great catches on Twitter. Here's a look at some of the other posts he's shared just this week:



Henry Winkler isn't the only member of Hollywood's elite that you might find frequenting Idaho. Check out this list of other stars that we know love our great state! 

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